Friday, April 14, 2017

Oregon Sucks!

And I don't just mean the Ducks! Of course they suck. I'm a diehard Beaver fan all the way!
I'm talkin' the state sucks. It's not the state I grew up in my first 30 years on earth. Now it's ran by a bunch of liberals who don't have an effing clue!!! Gov. Brown...clueless! Sen. Wyden....a dumbshit! Sen. Merkley...he's an ass! And the local news always gives plenty of airtime to the idiot protesters in Portland who protest anything and everything.
When I grew up here we were proud Americans and loyal to the flag. Now around here, they all want to thumb their nose at anything they don't agree with. When Obama was Pres they fawned over his every word and move. Now Republicans are in charge and they're all like eff the feds and we don't have to follow the Constitution.
 It's a disgrace and I'm embarrassed to even live here. I never should have left Alaska.
The job hunting is pretty frustrating as well. Either they say I'm over qualified or I don't have a degree. Not much wiggle room in between. I really feel it's age discrimination, but I can't prove it.
As you can see I've applied to 102 jobs in about 12 months. I've probably gotten about 20 interviews. Percentage wise that's probably about right, but I don't know the average. I'm really sick and tired of looking. Especially when I know I'm more dependable than any 25 year old, and more experienced than any 40 year old, and less of a liability than most other employees.
 I have been doing some riding lately, so that helps keep me sane. No better therapy than a nice two hour ride through the country! That's definitely something I could not be doing in Alaska right now...they still have snow and ice.
 If moving wasn't such a pain and expense, I'd prolly move back, but geez, I hate moving. Hahaha
A job would probably help my general outlook, so I'll keep on trudging.
 Sorry for the ranting, but I do feel a little better. Next up, lets talk MotoGP!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Missing Ak

Well, I can't believe Trump is President! My first choice? Hell no, but like I said for 8 years, anyone would be an improvement! At the very least, conservatives won't lose the Supreme Court. I also believe he will be better for the economy. I do worry a little that we will end up in another war, and this time it may be a major player. But at least he won't be such a pussy with foreign leaders.
 I'm pretty frustrated at my new life in the Pacific Northwest. Still haven't found work. I'm either over qualified or under qualified, and nobody seems to value my Alaska experience. I'm about ready to take a minimum wage job just to stop the bleeding. It's pretty embarrassing.
 The other things that are very embarrassing are the idiots who are representing our state. They are rabid liberal progressives who basically represent the Portland area only. The rest of the state can kiss their arses. The woman at the top doesn't have a clue, and the two Senators are just plain weird.
A friend from Alaska called and may have a job opportunity for me in Anchorage. I really don't miss the snow, and the state's economy is in the crapper, but I wouldn't mind moving back. I don't have any friends here but one, mine are in Anchorage. And just like when I lived in Anchorage, my family never visits, it's like I still live up north. And people still have freedoms up there that until I moved, I was taking for granted.
 Well, enough venting, got to keep on the job search. See ya.

Friday, November 04, 2016

Longer Season

It's super foggy outside, but it's supposed to burn off and hit about 67 degrees today! Wow, I haven't seen 67 degrees in November since the early 90's! Talk about a longer riding season, that much I'm really enjoying!
 As for the rest, I still have no job, even though I've applied to over 100 ads. At least I've reconnected with some old friends, so that part is getting better too.
 As with a lot of things, it takes a little time to get re-established.
I've had a few occasions to visit and do business with the Harley Davidson dealer in Salem and I haven't been too impressed. Maybe the Alaska dealer is just a lot better and the Salem shop is more typical? But they don't really acknowledge your presence and don't seem to go above and beyond for anything. They aren't really even friendly. Whenever I walked into the House of Harley in Anchorage, I was usually greeted right away, and everyone you walked by in the place at least said hello to you.
I'm happy to give Salem another chance or two before forming a hard position, but as of this writing, Anchorage far out shines Salem.
 Thought I was finished with Alaska, but you never know!

Saturday, September 03, 2016

I'm starting to second guess my move to the NW. Perhaps it is based on emotion. I still have no job, no friends, and my family doesn't visit. I may as well stayed in Alaska!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Heat Wave

Wow its been warm, mid 90's. This old Alaskan body hasn't adjusted yet to the heat. But I'm starting to. This weekend I road my bike from Redmond to Salem, about 31/2 hours. I started out with my riding jacket and the now mandatory helmet, but later peeled down to my wife beater t-shirt. I will definitely enjoy the extended riding season we get down here!
I've also been watching the Olympics down in Rio on the tube. I think we should go back to only allowing amateurs to compete. I mean our pro athletes seem to dominate the entire world. Let the college kids compete for the USA and even the field a bit.
Well, my belongings are supposed to arrive today, so I guess I'm officially moved!.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

New Start

 I've been neglecting my blog for several months. The truth is Oldbull has had a tough year. Due to economic reasons I find myself having to relocate. I love Alaska and 99% of my riding is done here, but in a few weeks my riding will resume in the Pacific Northwest. I have already ridden my HD down the Alcan and stored it in my parent's garage while I ready the rest of my belongings for the big move.
I rode from Anchorage to Portland in five days averaging just over 500 miles per day. I'll probably write more about that after getting settled.
 I won't miss the winters, but I will miss the summer riding in Alaska, where the traffic is sparse (compared to Portland or Seattle), and the biggest danger is running into a moose!
 I'm relocating to a world of planning your day around the traffic patterns, and that sucks! But I will once again be near family, and hopefully in a stronger job market.
 I guess I always knew this day would come, I just thought I would dictate when, not forced when.
At any rate, perhaps a new start is exactly what is needed! Hopefully, it will re-inspire me to opine and broaden my stories and perspective.
 Now, what did I do with the phone number to U-Haul?

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Funny, Unless You Own a Honda

I like this one !


Sunday, August 30, 2015

It's Getting Nippy!

I left the house around 10 am yesterday, and headed south. It was sunny but only 43 degrees out, so I threw on some long johns and wore a full face helmet. Only five miles down the highway my fingers were already getting cold. The fairing on my Road Glide protects me pretty well, save for the fingers. Twenty five miles down the inlet I had had enough. It was just a little too cold to be enjoyable, so I turned around at the Girdwood turn off and headed back home.
 Mid week it's supposed to hit the low sixties again, so hopefully the Obama visit won't shut down too many riding options and I'll get in a good ride. With the state fair traffic to the north, and Obama's motorcade traveling south, there aren't many options left. But we shall see.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Seward Highway

Me and a buddy rode our hogs to Seward the other day and got on the wrong side of a ten hour road closure. You can read about it as reported by KTUU here.
 We heard about the closure and stalled for time both in Seward and the Summit Lodge (30 miles from the crash site) instead of in a line of cars.  But sooner or later we had to join the line. The crash occurred at about 12:30pm, and we joined the line of cars around 8pm. By then the line was almost 15 miles long. We waited in line for several more hours, eventually we started moving at about 11:45pm.
 It was dark and we were averaging about 30 mph for a good 40 miles, not to mention the endless line of oncoming headlights blinding us as we rode. Finally, about 20 miles from Anchorage, the paced picked up to about 60 mph and the traffic loosened up. I finally arrived home at about 1:30 am.
 It was a horrific crash and our prayers go to all involved, but it certainly punctuates the hazards of a two lane highway handling some of the highest traffic counts in the state.
 The other annoying fact about the Seward Highway is the lack of cell coverage for many miles near the summit.
 I'll bet there were more than 5000 cars waiting in line by the time the highway reopened. At least the weather was great (70 degrees) and the bugs were bearable, plus we each had bottled water in our side cases.
 So a planned 4-5 hour ride turned into a 14 hour ordeal. You just never know whats gonna happen in Alaska. See ya.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

 I took a short but fun little jaunt up to the Whittier tunnel the other day. The pic is from a rest stop a few miles short of the tunnel. The sun was out and it was warm, although fairly breezy. Above the mountains where the acual glacier peaks through there were dark storm clouds blowing over at a brisk rate. I took one look at those and figured I better head home and stay ahead of them. That is precisely what I did, and only two hours after safely parking in my garage we had an absolute downpour.
 I haven't seen it rain that hard in years. The news reported 2 inches in a few hours.
 This weekend I'm riding with an friend down to Hope and Seward, the weather is supposed to be awesome. Later.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Anchorage's Annual Cycle Show

 Lot's of nice bikes at last weekend's cycle show, like this Heritage.

And  this Honda CBR 1000.

2015 Softtail.

And a Suzuki 600.

There were tons of customs on hand too, but I didn't hang around to see who won best custom. I did submit my vote for a sweet 1976 Kawasaki 900 that was all stock. If I remember right, that was the fastest production bike made in '76.

Check Out This Habitual Drunk Driver

This loser ran a red light and plowed into a guy on his bike . Now the biker is in critical condition with a broken back and ribs! The bastard driver failed a sidewalk test then refused a breathe test. I say lock him up and toss the key! 

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Nothin But Time

 I am officially between jobs right now which gives me time for blogging again. It also gives me more time to get out and ride. Like riding to interviews, job fairs, and the unemployment office.
 I was looking forward to buying a second bike this spring, but given my new circumstances, I will probably postpone that until I'm gainfully employed again.
 Yesterday, Anchorage voters went to the polls to vote for a new Mayor. As usual, we will have a runoff race between the top two candidates in a month. The two facing off in a runoff will test the current ratio of liberal verses conservatives in Anchorage these days. On one hand you have liberal Democrat Ethan Berkowitz, backed heavily by the unions and progressives. On the other hand you have conservative Amy Dembosky, a new comer to local politics and backed by Republicans and religious groups.
 For Dembosky to have a chance, she will need to garner the votes from the other candidates she beat, which would be enough to up end the number of liberal votes. But make no mistake, Berkowitz has name recognition and union money going for him, making him very formidable. I', looking forward to the debates.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wild West

 Early this morning Anchorage had it's 9th shooting in 2015. That gives us an average of a shooting every three days. I would think that rivals just about any other town on per capita basis, but I haven't researched it thoroughly.
 It seems like it's always worse in the winter, like maybe it's a symptom of cabin fever. The most common locale is the Mountain View area, but not exclusively. Lately it seems like the wild west.
 At least in Alaska, bad guys aren't the only ones packing heat. Unlike Chicago or New York, law abiding Aaskans can an do pack their choice of weapons that makes them feel safe.
 All you anti gun do-gooders can live in New York or Chicago where only criminals have arms, I'll stay in Alaska and keep my freedoms.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Live Wire


I hope HD decides to put the project Live Wire into production. It's an electric bike that I wouldn't mind owning or being seen on!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Project Done

Done for now. Eventually I'll add a sissy bar and change to a different style seat, maybe next spring. At least now I can trade back and forth between the trunk for long trips and no trunk for everyday commuting.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Project Drags On

Got started on a little project this weekend for making my tour pack easily removable. The kit from HD has about 1000 pieces counting nuts and bolts, but the instructions are straightforward. Once I got the tour pack wiring all disassembled and the trunk removed it was moving along pretty well. Then I realized the kit was missing a piece of chrome. The left side was there but not the right side. So now I have to wait for Tuesday when HD opens to see if they can get me one. Meanwhile I have a my Road Glide strewn a crossed the garage. Oh well, I post a pick when I'm done. Later.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Half Over

Well, summer is just over half done. Of course, it was late in coming, I had snow in the yard on May 20. I finally got 1000 miles on the glide and got it in for it's 1k service. Most of my miles have come just from commuting to work.
 At current prices, the glide costs me $3.59 per day on my commute to work. That's $17.95 per week. That's pretty darn good when compared to my truck. It's $8.23 per day or $41.15 per week. I save $23.20 per week riding the glide! Oh, and that's figuring the glide on 90 octane and the truck on 87 octane.
 Since I have the 1k service behind me I upgraded the intake and exhaust to stage one Screaming Eagle. I've noticed the bike running slightly cooler in city traffic. Also, the last tank of gas came in at 44.5 mpg.
 With highway pegs and mirror extensions, she is almost set up the way I like. Next year I'll think about a windshield change and a couple pieces of chrome. I'm in no rush. Here's a pick from beside the knik river, where I rode on Sunday. Later.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Just spent ten days showing my folks around Alaska. We had a great time but during their visit we had an incredible run of beautiful weather. I'd be lying if I said that while they were here I wasn't worried that I was missing some great riding time. I kept thinking that once they left the sun would follow them and the rain would probably return. They left today, but now I have a lot of catch up to do at work. At least it is still warm and maybe Saturday I'll get a good ride in.
Two weeks ago I traded in my two Harleys for one new one, a 2013 Road Glide.I'm trying to get the first thousand miles on it for a good break in, but I only have 400 miles on it thus far. At least by returning to work I'll get 40 miles a day on it commuting.
Here's a pic...see ya.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

First Ride of the Season

 Finally! First ride of the season. Took both bikes out for short 15 - 20 mile rides, mostly to make any necessary adjustments and make sure they are running ok.
 I would have road longer, but it was only 37 degrees out and it was too cold for the first day.
Oil? check. Tire inflation? check. Brakes? check.
 Fuel, lights, clutch adjustment? check, check, check!
Heated grips? I don't have them. Maybe this is the year.
 Both bikes ran great and I'm looking forward to many miles this summer.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Cyclical Snow?

Another weekend, another snowstorm. It's becoming a vicious cycle, nice and sunny all work week then snow storms on the weekends.
 Friday night I grilled dogs on that BBQ, the deck was clear. Saturday we got nine inches of snow. More is predicted for today. Come on, it's April!
 I kinda feel like the last dump is partially my fault. Thursday night I took the battery out of my hog and put it on the trickle charger. That's as bad as washing the car before a nice weekend. Hahaha.
 Oh well, I better get shoveling. Later.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Winter Hiatus

 It's been a long winter but I finally saw a bike on the highway last week.We had a short warm spell and the streets were dry when I saw the guy riding a Harley in Wasilla. Since then however, we regressed back into winter. In the last two nights we got about ten inches of snow with 4 more forecasted for tonight. Boy I'm getting tired of snow, even though I still get a kick out of running my snow blower.
 They are calling for 40 degree temps this weekend, plus the annual MC show is the following weekend. So there is light at the end of the tunnel! Later.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Seward Hwy

 Took a ride south down the Seward Hwy and turned towards Whittier. Stopped to see the salmon spawning but there weren't any visible. It was kinda cold and foggy up there and I lost my incentive to ride on to Seward, so I headed back home.
 On the ride back, just north of Indian, two southbound minivans in the distanced turned off the highway and were turning around. They looked as if they missed a turn and were heading back to it. Of course I thought to myself that surely they would not pull out in front of me!
 Sure as heck, they pull out, not just one, but both of them. No one behind me for a half mile, yet they couldn't let me go by.
 Needless to say I had to hit the brakes pretty hard to drop from 68mph to about 30mph to accommodate these two assholes. Then they drove about 30 for a quarter mile to the turn they had missed. I made sure they understood my displeasure with a one fingered salute almost stuck through the passenger window as I rode by.
 People can be so infuriating!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Almost Creamed

 I was almost run off the highway today on my Road Glide while commuting home. I was in the fast lane (far left of three) when a pickup traveling in the slow lane (far right of three) came speeding up from behind. He and I both passed a car traveling in the center lane at the same time, although he was speeding about 5 or 6 mph faster than I. Upon clearing that car he changed lanes to the center. It was one of those "quick look and start changing lanes while simultaneously turning on the blinker" moves which had the truck well into the center lane before the light blinked twice. I had also passed the center lane car, but was losing ground to the truck. Again he did the quick lane change only this time he wanted my lane. I was at his rear quarter panel and let off the throttle while moving to the shoulder of the highway.
 Just as I was crossing the fog line the guy saw me and quickly corrected back to the middle lane. I moved back to my lane and hit the throttle hard. I got as far away from that dude as I could. He stuck his hand out and waved while mouthing "sorry" to me as I flew by. Then he seemed to settle down his driving the rest of the way I suppose out of embarrassment. People just aren't very good drivers these days.
 Once again I was saved by my God given catlike reflexes. Hahaha