Monday, September 25, 2006

Beavers Get a Gift

The OSU Beavers met the Idaho Vandals of the WAC division on saturday. It was their second attempt at beating a WAC conference team after getting their asses handed to them by Boise St. Luckily, the game was in Corvallis and the Vandals aren't very good.
The final score was in the Beaver's favor at 38-0, however, don't let that score fool you. The Beavers did not look very good. They simply had more talent on their team than the Vandals.
The Beav's really needed this game to lift their spirits, but a lot of work remains for them to compete in the PAC-10.
I watched UW, CAL, ASU, UO, and USC play this week and I don't think OSU can beat any of them! The Beaver offense is inconsistant at best. What bugs me most about the offense is how predictable they are. At least Ericson used to mix it up when he was there.
The defense is typical for an OSU team, small but fast. OK, we all know that going in. But, when you are small and fast you have to TACKLE. That means grab hold and wrap up! You can't just hit a bigger back and hope they fall down.
This coming week they have Cal. Well, Cal put the wood to ASU and tagged them for 49 points. The Beavers had better wear their best game faces and step up the intensity or I'm afraid Cal will put the wood to them as well.

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