Monday, September 18, 2006

Prison is Punishment

Bleeding heart liberals just don't get it. There is no doubt that the Alaska State Prison system is flawed. They are understaffed and recruitment is not aggressively persued. There isn't a single prison in the state that has not exceeded their housing limit of inmates. These are real problems that need to be addressed. No argument here.
That being said, get a load of the following letter to the editor that appeared in the Anchorage Daily Newspaper today:

State must treat prisons as more than human storage facilities

I hope the new Legislature will begin a thorough investigation of just how poorly our prisons are funded and staffed. There is no chance for prisoners to choose a better, more productive life if our state does not provide training and education while they are incarcerated and an interval of housing and assistance once released.

There is practically no help while in prison toward job preparation, and when their sentence is served, prisoners may be dumped without any help with finding and keeping a job, finding a place to live or even possibly enrollment in school. Sometimes prisoners will be released with no place to go, hundreds of miles from home and with only a couple of dollars in their pocket.

"You get what you pay for," the saying goes. Prisoner reform doesn't happen without education, counseling, training and help with adjustment after release. It is money well spent, whether we begrudge the expense or not. The legislators need to put a huge effort and a good chunk of change into reform.

Prisons should not be human storage facilities. Alaska should be ashamed that heads are turned from the serious needs of Alaska prisons and prisoners. Prisoners should not be left to become further educated in criminal behavior and culture rather than given a chance to reform.

---- Pat Rowe


The letter screams "bleeding heart liberal", or Pat Rowe must have a relative in prison.
The way I see it is the incarceration of prisoners is supposed to be a "punishment" for breaking society's laws. In addition, it should be a deterrent to would be criminals who are considering breaking the law.
Where is it stated that the state' s responsible to rehabilitate these thugs? The state already provides a free education up to the 12th grade. A lot of these criminals botched that up already. Now taxpayers are supposed to offer them even more schooling and training? Once my children graduate high school, I'm on the hook to further their educations, not the state or other tax payers.
And what about their release? I suppose Pat would like us to give them a plane ticket to where ever they want and a months rent and how about a months worth of meal tickets? Why stop there? Why don't we find a job FOR them, buy them a car, and maybe even a mate?
The only ticket I'd be willing to spring for is a one way ticket to Bagdad.
Let's state this clearly and simply...if you break the law, your PUNISHMENT is incarceration!
I don't care if you join a jailhouse gang, cover your butt with tatoos, or repent your crimes. You do the time and don't EXPECT any special treatment from law abiding citizens. And when you get out, if you commit another some more time!

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