Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Summer's Almost Gone!

Yesterday was beautiful. The sun was shining, there was a slight breeze, and the tempurature flirted with 60 degrees.
These nice days are coming to an end as the leaves are falling and the evening temps are dipping to the thirties.
I worked until about two, but the sun was calling my name until I could not resist anymore. I fired up the V-Star and set out for an afternoon cruise.
After topping off the tank I headed south towards Girdwood. Traffic was heavier than I expected on a monday afternoon, but the pace was steady. The tide as rolling in as I cruised along the inlet and took in the beautiful scenery.
Girdwood is only about 34 miles from my house, but I just wanted to get in a short cruise before the rush hour hit. And it worked out just right. I stopped at the local gas station and stretched my legs for ten or so minutes. Then I hopped back on the bike and headed home.
Heading north was even nicer as the wind was now at my back.
As it turned out, I made it home by 4 o'clock and missed the really heavy afterwork traffic.
Soon, I'll have to store the bike for the winter, but not until I've squeezed out the last of these nice autumn days.
Back to work now,

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