Friday, October 13, 2006

Alaska Gun Laws

The liberals are at it again. Every month someone writes to the editor of the local newspaper how we need tougher gun laws to curb gang violence.
Sure, Anchorage has a brewing gang problem, but limiting law abiding citizen's rights is no way to address it. Do you reall think the gang members will stop carrying guns because of violating a law? If so, you really are a moron!
Look, most gang members caught with guns are already illegal. Just enforce the current law!
Just yesterday, police arrested a 17 year old gang member at a local high school for carrying a loaded handgun. What laws did he break? 1) possession of stolen property (the gun was stolen from a home a couple days before), 2) minor in possession of a handgun (he is 17), 3) gun on or near school property, 4) fleeing a police officer, 5) maybe even criminal tresspass (he was not a student there). And I might have missed a couple. Convict this menace of the crimes!
Just a few months ago, two brothers were bailed out of jail for $250 each. They had been arrested for a drive by shooting. While out on bail, they were again arrested for possessing loaded guns. Then again, were bailed out for very little. Who are these crack smokin' judges that continually let out thugs?
In Alaska, a law abiding citizen can carry a concealed weapon on his person or in his vehicle without a special permit. It's a good law, it's a constitutional right, and it's peace of mind from the slime of our community who would rob or shoot you as easy as look at you.
To all you liberals, instead of trying to limit my rights, how about locking up the thugs and tossin' the keys??? And make the assholes WORK while incarcerated! But that's another blog.

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