Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Beaver Believer

Sometimes it's hard to be Beaver fan. These kids have enough talent to compete with any of the PAC-10 teams. What they don't have is leadership!
There is no Jonathan Smith or Dereck Anderson type on this team. What it's gonna take is some leadership from the defensive side of the ball.
I don't know what goes through Mike Rielly's head, but I for one could never sit on my hands and watch a team I'm coaching get 42 unanswered points run up on them. I don't call that leadership. And he's supposed to be the head coach!
The game coming up this week against the Huskies is the most important game of the year for OSU. I hate the Huskies! UW used to be so arrogant. The last couple seasons they've had to eat some humble pie, and I love it. But, the way the Beavers have been playing so far, they have a decent chance of beating us. If Rielly does ANYTHING, please let it be to motivate the offense if even for one game!
Come on defense. Sabby Piscotelli and the boys need to eat some dog meat.
All right, now I'm just rambling. Let's just say 'OSU vs. UW' is gonna be a great game, but also a MUST WIN for the Beavs.
Wa, wa , wa , wa, na, na, na, na!
Wa, wa , wa , wa, na, na, na, na! (Beaver fight tune)

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