Sunday, October 29, 2006

Beavers are Giant Killers!

That's what they called OSU in 1967 when they beat a #1 ranked USC football team led by OJ Simpson. That's what they are again.
The game last saturday turned into a nail biter after three quarters of aggressive Beaver football. The fourth quarter belonged to the Trojans as they mounted a valiant comeback effort that fell just short.
The Beavers shot themselves in the foot so many times, I couldn't believe they were able to build such a big lead. But a stingy OSU defense assisted by four Trojan turnovers were able to keep USC off balance until it was too late.
The biggest game remaining for the Beavs, in my book, is the "Civil War" game against the UofO Ducks. Imagine beating the Huskies, the Trojans and the Ducks all in the same season. When was the last year that happened? I'll bet it was '67, also.
Well, say what you will about USC being over-ranked, but #3 is #3! They were ranked two or three in every poll out there. The Beavers deserve a lot of credit for doing something that hasn't been done in four seasons... deal the Trojans a PAC-10 loss!
GO Beavers!!!!!!!!!!

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