Saturday, October 14, 2006

Judges Have to Go!

I've just received my voter's pamplet in the mail. And that has caused me to do a little research on the names of the judges that voters are being asked to retain.
In Alaska, the Bar Assc nominates candidates for judges to the Govenor, who then appoints them to their seat. Then the judges must be "retained" by the voters every four to six years (depending on which court they sit on). It is up to the individual judge to submit his application to the Division of Elections in a timely manner for his name to appear on the ballots. There are a few other hoops to jump through, but you get my drift. The judge himself must take on a little personal responsibility to retain his "cush" seat.
"Not so" according to Superior Court Judge William Morse. He ruled last year that judges are "above the law" and should not be burdened with any personal responsibility.
All Alaska voters please vote "NO" on retaining Judge Morse.
Two other judges I suggest you vote "NOT" to retain are Superior Court Judge Peter Michalski (pro gay marriage), and Superior Court Judge Michael Wolverton (lets gang members walk).
These two judges have a very liberal interpretation of our laws, and certainly do not reflect the sentiment of your eveyday Alaskan citizen.
I'm still studying the records of the other judges, and I'll be pointing them out as we approach election day.
Remember, your vote is the only mechanism for unseating these left wing judges. Otherwise, they have their seats for life! EVERY VOTE COUNTS!! So pease get to your polling place and vote, no excuses.

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