Monday, October 16, 2006

More Judges Best Not Retained

Here are a few more names of judges that I will vote "NOT" to retain this November. However you decide to vote on these judges is not my business, but please do some reading and place a somewhat informed vote. This matter is very serious if you want any change in our judiciary.
I've previously stated three names that I encourage you all to vote against retaining, they are
Judge Peter Michaski
Judge William Morse
Judge Michael Wolverton
Please add to the list Judge David Landry. He has been accused of making sexually inapropriate comments to the Courthouse staff. He is also the only judge on the list that the Alaska Judicial Council has recommended against retaining. Finally, it has been reported that he has a higher than average percentage of cases overturned in appeals.
The following are based on low ratings from peace officer surveys. The top possible score is 5.0, but these judges scored 3.7 or less. Lets dump 'em. Judge Charles Huguelet (3.5), Judge John Suddock (3.6), Judge Sen Tan (3.7), Judge William Estelle (3.7), Judge John Lohff (3.7).

So far the "do not retain" list of Judges is as follows:
Judge Peter Michaski Judge Sen Tan
Judge William Morse Judge Willam Estelle
Judge Michael Wolverton Judge John Lohff
Judge Charles Huguelet Judge John Suddock
Judge David Landry
Remember, informed decision making for the judges is every bit as important as who you vote for Govenor or the Legislator. Please take it seriously!
If any more bad Judges surface I'll be happy to tell you about them right here.

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