Thursday, October 05, 2006

NFL Punks

I'm worried about the NFL and the direction it has been heading. I'm worried it is evolving into another NBA. You know, slowly being overun by punks. Gang bangin' hoodlums who can run fast and hit hard, but otherwise have no real talent.
And the real problem is that teams, in their zeal to win and win now, are enabling these punks to continue the slow takeover. And it is a "takeover", make no mistake. What do you get when you sign a punk to a mllion dollar contract? Just a rich punk, that's all.
Take a look at Koren Robinson. After a suspension for failing a drug test, and a drunk driving conviction, the Seahawks finally said enough is enough and cut him. Never mind he could never catch a clutch pass! You see? A punk who can run fast. He can't catch! Give me a guy who will make the money catch like Steve Largent ANY DAY!!!!
So, enter the Vikings. They don't care if he has drug and alcohol problems, he is fast, so they sign him. Somehow he convinces the team and fans that he has changed. Until august when he was arrested again. So the Vikes who had given KR a 12 million dollar contract, cut him loose.
You see, 12 million dollars couldn't even clean this guy up! What a DUMB PUNK!!!
Enter the Gree Bay Packers. They don't care about the problems in Seattle. They don't care about the problems in Minnesota. All they care is "the punk is fast!"
Some guys just never know what they have and what they are risking. Football has a long tradition of showing wayward indivduals how common goals and teamwork overcomes all else. Once a person overcomes selfishness and places his trust in his teammates, the big prize is finally within reach. But todays climate lends itself more to the "sign a big contract" mentality and to hell with the Superbowl.
Hello PAC-10 football. At least these guys aren't spoiled millionares (yet).

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