Saturday, October 28, 2006

Princess Palin

I use the term loosely. I read where Mrs. Palin does not like to be called "Princess". That,s OK, soon she will be the "Queen". I am comfortable to forcast a double digit win for the Govenor's seat. Tony Knowles would be a formiddable foe to any other candidate in any other year, but, this is the year of the Princess.
I'll admit I support Sarah, even though she is a woman (and very attractive I might add). I have never before voted fo a woman. But when faced with a woman Republican verses a male Democrat.... well, I guess you figured it out.
A former state pollution regulator named Susan Harvey has recently come out with press coverage about how former Govenor Knowles had shown favortism to big oil. Further, she said her resignation in March '02 was a result of the Knowles adminitration's pressure on her to look the other way. She is gaining national news coverage and interest in the wake of a Congress investigation into big oil's responsibilities for a recent oil spill and pipeline shut down.
The big question among Democrats is 'why now?' She anwers truthfully when she says that it IS politically timed. Her take is that voters need this info before heading to the polls in two weeks.
Well, Sarah doen't need it. She has such a lead that her only real threat is her own mistakes. If she pulls some bonehead move like uses profanity in public, or gets a drunk driving ticket, or news of an affair springs up, then she could be in trouble. But I think we all agree that there is little or no chance of those happening.
I think Sarah will become a good Govenor in time. She may have a couple rough years to start, but will certainly grow into the position, and I think will be a two term Governor. Of course, Anchorage's popular Mayor Mark Begich may have a word or two to say about that.

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