Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sarah's Slip

Anyone watching the news this week probably saw the clip of Sarah Palin speaking to the Wasilla Chamber of Commerce, and her slip. She mentioned that they would have an advocate in Juneau, and if she was labeled as bias towards the Valley, "so be it, because I am".
Now the Knowles and Halcro camps are attacking her on that statement, as well as some talk shows like the "Dan Fagan Show".
I think that Sarah was merely preaching to the choir and didn't choose her words well. The liberals are trying to suggest that she would not represent all Alaskan communities on an even keel, and would favor the Valley.
These are merely last ditch attempts to erode some of the double digit lead she has over her opponents.
As for Fagan, he is a mouth piece for the oil companies. Though he does not admit it, my bet is that he is on their payroll. He talks about BP, Exxon, and Conoco Phillips like anyone else talks about their favorite old high school teacher. "I didn't always like ol' Mr. Smith, but I never would have succeeded in life if it weren't for him".
I think that "big oil" wants to see Tony Knowles become Govenor, and not Palin. They are using mouths like Fagan and Kerry Kerrigan to sabatoge Palins chances of winning the office. I for one think it's a feable attempt that most Alaskan voters will not fall for.
I have never voted woman to an executive position like Governor, so Sarah, please don't do me wrong!

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