Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gay Benefits for State of Alaska Workers?

But our wonderful State Supreme Court ruled that the poor gays are being discriminated against! Because voters made marriage between one man and one woman, same sex partners cannot legally marry! Therefore, the unmarried partner of a state employee is not covered by said employee's benefits. According to the courts "that's not fair!"
Boo hoo, hoo, hoo.
Currently, the courts have mandated changes in the benefits by Jan 1st. The governor has called a special session of the legislature to enact those changes. One legislator has suggested getting an extension from the courts cause he doesn't feel they can finish the re-write in time. Meanwhile, there is a segment of the legislature trying to put together a referendum to put before voters this spring. The language of that has not yet been reported.
I personally couldn't care less what two adults do in private. Nor do I endorse that behavior by recognizing it as marriage. Therefore, I am 100% against my tax dollars being used in any way to support this behavior.
Simularly, I don't care what an adult male and an adult sheep do in private. But I don't recognize that behavior, nor will I help fund it.
Does everybody get it?????
And if you are a fag and offended by my opinions, I'm sorry. I'm not purposely trying to offend anyone, just stating my opinions. Remember, gays and Muslims should probably not be reading this blog. This blog is meant for "old school" readers.

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