Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Gay Health Benefits

The Alaska Supreme Court ordered the state to comply with a lower court's ruling and offer same sex couples health benefits. That means, no extension to hammer out the details and/or policy for determining who is and isn't an actual 'couple'. Yeah, if I ever lose my job and health benefits, I could just 'shack' up with one of my state worker buddies and pretend we're a couple. In fact, any live in roomate of a state worker will enjoy full health benefits starting Jan 1. The same health benefits that were once sacred to married couples and their families.
I don't particularly object to same sex health coverage in corporate America. Private industry has the right to implement any policy they want, married or not. I do object to Judges overriding the will of the taxpayers and voters in matters that are NOT discriminatory. As a taxpayer and voter, I do not want my tax dollars being spent on healthcare for a segment of society seperated only by behavior, and a dubious behavior at that.
Sexual behavior should not be the qualifier for any kind of right. There is a very good reason that gays cannot marry in Alaska. Society does not approve! They have voted loud and clear that just because two guys like to take it from behind, that behavior does not qualify them to marry and copy a moral and publicly accepted family arraingement.
A behavior should not garner any special rights. No special rights in the workforce or housing or politics or especially marriage. Rather, I submit that cornholers actually have behavior problems. The act is not natural, but is a dimented and loathesome act that indicates real psychological problems. Maybe momma nurtured him a little too much, who knows? But even taking the religious and traditional elements out of the argument, it's not natural. I have never seen a male animal of any kind take it in the ass from another male. Nor have I seen two male animals carry on like they are a couple and try to nurture their young (who they woud have had to get from yet another couple of animals).
Reminds me of the 'bear joke' where the bear finally asked the failed hunter "it's not just the hunt you keep coming back for, is it?"
In summary, what happens in someone's bedroom is none of my business. But when it comes to spending my tax dollars, I think I should have a say. And my say is that I do not condone same sex couples, nor do I want to pay for their health benefits! The court is ramming it down my throat (no pun intended) and saying I must pay. Maybe our new Governor will persue this to the 9nth Circuit. Of course those liberals will probably support the gays as well. I guess it's referendum time again.

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