Monday, December 11, 2006

LT Could Be Sweet!

In my day, nobody personified greatness, ability, desire, and professionalism more than Mr. Walter Payton.
He was the model to which all other backs of his day were measured. And in the eyes of the fans, especially this one, he was a 'god'.
I've read the stories of greatness about the legendary Jim Brown. And I would not argue that he was one of the 3 or 4 best backs ever. But I will argue with anyone who does not agree that 'sweetness' was the best.
Fast forward to 2006. Two guys who undoubtably have the talent to unseat or at least join the legends of the game. Ladamian Tomlinson and Reggie Bush.
Tomlinson may be the best pure 'player' in the league, regardless of position. Every time I watch the guy play, I see visions of 'sweetness'. I'm glad he is setting a new touchdown record. I'm also proud that he is not some 'gangsta' wannabe. No, he is a classy and humble man, much like...
Then comes Reggie. I actually think he is better today than he was at USC (if that is possible). If he continues to mature at his current rate, Tomlinson might have to look over his shoulder.
These two guys could and probably will dominate the league for years to come. But could there be better reps than either of them? probably not.
You can have your Vick, or McNabb, or even Evans. These guys are great, but short lived athletes. Give me the guys who continue to perform and amaze us week in and week out for years to come. Bush did have an injury already, but I think it was a result of the higher level he was competing at. He seems to have ramped up and I don't expect any more injuries.
Tomlinson on the other hand has never been injured (at least not bad enough to sit out). Give me the guys like Tomlinson, Manning, or Marvin Harrison who never miss games!
So I think that Reggie has an outside chance to be spoken in the same vein as Brown and Payton, only time will tell. However, LT is almost there. Certainly his TD record gets him close, but that alone doesn't cut it (example- Alexander an alltime great? sorry). What does cut it is his unparalelled ability at all aspects of the game.
Tomlinson could very well be 'sweet'!

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