Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam Gets His Just Reward!

I'm on vacation, but I couldn't resist writing a short note on the news of the day. Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to hang by saturday. Finally! I assume it has been worth the wait for some Iraqis. I have been disgusted with the citizens of that country who continually refuse to take back their own land. We cannot help people who refuse to help themselves.
At any rate, the judges in this case are to be applauded for their heroism in this situation. I'm sure there are those zealots who would kill them if they had the chance. Finally, an Iraqi with big kahonas.
I hope the maniac in North Korea, as well as the idiots in Iran and Syria are tuned in to this event. A good 'old west' end to a brutal dictatorship. That's 'old school' baby!
One danger remains... the actual exchange of custody of the prisoner. Better hold onto your hats, this could get ugly. Especially given that 40% of the Iraqi police force is crooked.
One last note:
The OSU Beavers will take on Missouri today in the Sun Bowl. I sure hope the month off since their last game doesn't bite them in the ass. Go Beavs!!

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