Friday, December 22, 2006

The University of Oregon Sucks

Well, so much for the "Oregon Sucks", oh I mean "Ducks". What a dismal performance against BYU. The Ducks must be suffering from over- cockiness. That's what I think. These guys think they are so good, that they only need a mediocre effort to win.
Well, that may work against Stanford or Arizona, but BYU was 10-2. They hadn't won a bowl game in three years. They were hungry.
Let's face it, UO was just plain lucky against Oklahoma. Really, they under-achieved this season, and it must be driving coach Belloti nuts.
Meanwhile, the "OSU Beavers" were over-achievers. They beat UW, UO, USC, and Hawaii, all in the same season. Their only real slip was against UCLA, a team they really should have beat.
One note:
I never had any confidence in the "two QB system", and still don't. Belloti needs one QB that he can stick with. One QB that can actually create a good relationship with a receiver ie: Manning-Harrison. The ol' "two headed monster" just does not work in football.
I'm sick about the Gonzaga-Duke game.
Oh well, Later.

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