Saturday, January 20, 2007

Democrat's True Colors

Barely two weeks have passed since Nancy Pelosi was voted Speaker of the House, and already the Democrat’s true colors are starting to show. Remember her speech in which she announced a more collaborative and non-partisan approach to handling the nation’s issues? A new leadership with intentions of reaching across party lines and building consensus to move the Government forward in a positive atmosphere.

Horse pucky!

They have succeeded in ramming their agenda down the throats of conservatives. Their so called ‘100 hour agenda’ has produced six new bills. From raising taxes for oil companies to stem cell research and increasing cargo inspections to raising the minimum wage, they really think they are accomplishing a lot. I’m not arguing the min wage increase. It hasn’t been addressed in ten years. But why did a huge corporation in Samoa get an exemption from that? Is it because they are represented by Queen Pelosi herself? Gee, I wonder.

So they beat their chests and show off these impressive ‘100 hour’ accomplishments, like American citizens should be impressed. Remember, the President can still veto some or all of them.

Why don’t they work on something that is important? When are they going to fix the Social Security problems? When are they going to address frivolous lawsuits? What about our country’s borders? How about dissolving the United Nations? Why do these Democrats and their friends who call themselves Republicans pass these puny little senseless bills and ignore the nation’s REAL problems?

So called Republicans like Representatives Snowe (Maine) and Hagel (Nebraska), along with Senators Smith (Oregon) and Collins (Maine), are a disgrace to us real conservatives.

I mean stem cell research? Give me a friggin’ break. This ‘old bull’ is not impressed. Oh, and add a liberal president in ’08, much less a woman, and I’m gonna have to move to another country. Maybe New Zealand or Australia, do they like old bulls down there? I guess I better start doing some research.


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