Monday, January 01, 2007

Good Start to 2007!

Boy, what a good start to 2007; although as I write this, '07 is only seven plus hours old. My final week of 2006 was a good way to springboard into the new year.
To start, I was on vacation. It started the friday before Christmas, and I head back to the grind tomorrow. Next, my son came to visit for a week. It was the first Christmas he got to spend with me in three years. Next, we had a mild but white Christmas. Our snowfall for the month of December was just shy of 37 inches (December average is 15). What else? Oh yeah, we had a REAL blue spruce Christmas Tree. I haven't had a real tree for about twelve years.
Then in the news there was a couple things. One, we start the New Year with a new Governor. She has fresh ideas, is conservative, and has a good moral compass. Two, Saddam Hussein was hung! To me, that is good news!
Finally, the Beavers beat the Missouri Tigers with a gutsy two point conversion at the end of the game, to win the 'Sun Bowl'.
I didn't get my Christmas wish of 'peace on earth and goodwill towards MEN'. I ask for it every year. But, my kids got me an ipod, so now I'll be 'tunin'. That's how I roll!
Anyway, 2006 sure seemed to roll by fast, and I'm sure 2007 will too. Hopefully, my health will hold up, and we won't be attacked by more Islamic assholes. But, just to be ready I have a good cache of ammo, and drinking water. Probably should pick up some extra batteries and propane bottles though.
I was entertaining purchasing an '07 chevy truck, but I'm thinking I should really try and reduce my debt instead. I don't know, I'm kinda on the fence on that one. Interest rates will only go up. And since the Dems are back in control of the Congress, I'm betting on a recession. But I'm not talking gloom and doom right now. I'm jacked with how 2006 finished, and I'm optimistic with how 2007 might shape up.
Happy New Year! Go Seahawks!

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