Monday, January 15, 2007

Urban Attitude

My bracket has been blown. Until yesterday I had correctly picked every game of the NFL playoffs for ’07. Then the Chargers decided to let the Patriots hang around and what happens? The Pats pull out the fourth quarter comeback. Unbelievable!

I say that because it’s hard for me to understand how one player can put his own ego above the goals of the entire organization. Drayton Florence, in my opinion, cost his teammates a trip to the Superbowl. There it was, third and ten, late in the forth quarter, and not yet in field goal range. The Chargers D stops the Pats and can expect a punt. I think the game is in hand when the yellow flag flies. Taunting by, you guessed it, Drayton Florence. Upon replay he completely loses his cool, and possibly his mind, taunts and then head-butts a Patriot receiver. Fifteen yard penalty, automatic first down. Of course the Pats went on to score and tie the game. And the rest is history.

I hope #29 is proud of himself! I hope he still has his street cred! Lord knows he can’t put up with being dissed! To hell with the Superbowl! To hell with his teammates! To hell with the fans! His ego is more important than a pursuit of excellence. Never mind the Superbowl ring he could have worn the rest of his life, he has to save face.

I tell you I’m sick of it! I’m sick of the “punk athletes” of our time. Look at the NBA. They have turned team uniforms into their punk ass baggy shorts that go down to their shins. They disrespect their coaches and teammates, heck they even fight with fans. The NFL is being invaded by this same attitude. It’s a slower invasion that may take a few more years, but it’s noticeable. The thing is in the NFL, you still have plenty of players with rural upbringings verses ghetto upbringings.

Say what you will, I am merely stating observations. Observations like usually when a player puts his own ego above his teammates, the player is more often than not from a black urban upbringing.

Obviously, it is not the rule. Look at Ladamian Tomlinson. He is possibly the best player in the world, yet he is the consummate team player. No, I don’t think it has to do with race, it definitely has to do with locale. You see LT is from Texas, where kids are bottle fed football. The numbers bear it out. The urban/ghetto ball player is much more likely to be black. But it’s the attitude of the locale that influences these young men in a negative way. That’s how you end up with guys who worry about how they look more than a team working for a common goal. There is always an occasional exception to the rule, or maybe just strong willed icons. Lyle Alzado, Jim Brown, and Isaiah Thomas are a few who come to mind. The few who never succumbed to the ‘ghetto attitude’. The guys who not only believed in ‘team’, but even LEAD their teams to greatness.

Old school guys who are now legends. Let’s face it, unless he changes his selfish attitude, Drayton Florence will never be an ‘old bull”. Later

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