Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gay Freakin' Unions!

According to reports, New Jersey is now allowing Gay Unions as an alternative to Gay Marriage. The unions will also qualify the significant other to receive the same benefits as a heterosexual couple currently enjoy. Well, isn’t that just perfect?

While most liberals and women agree that this is the type of legislation needed to avoid discrimination, I have a very different opinion on the subject. But before I can state it clearly, I must define homosexuality the way us old school men see it.

I believe homosexuality is a behavior, not something a person is born with. You show me a male animal like a dog, moose or chimp that would choose another male animal to procreate with (or attempt to) over a female.

You show me scientific evidence, like DNA, that singles out the “gay gene”. It doesn’t exist. And if it ever does, I will certainly re-think my position. But clearly, being gay is a behavior, not a physical attribute.

And, I might add, a deviant behavior.

Therefore, by allowing the legal union of two people with gay behavior is akin to recognizing behavior like pedophilia, sadism, serial killing, bestiality, or having six wives. None of these BEHAVIORS is recognized, nor given the same rights as a married heterosexual couple.

Leave it to the idiots on the east coast to start embracing deviant behavior and even reward it with legal rights.

Look, I’m never gonna be accused of being “progressive”, and what two brokeback boys do behind closed doors is not my business. But when we start legally recognizing and accepting that behavior, that’s where I draw the line.

Call me a homophobe, call me discriminatory, call me an “old bull”, but please, if you prefer your own sex….don’t call me!

Thank God that Alaska is as far away from New Jersey as I can possibly be (except maybe Hawaii).

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