Monday, March 05, 2007

Bigotry or Morality?

The Sunday edition of the Anchorage Daily News included the usual commentary by Beth Bragg. In her article she called me and others a bigot. I have been called worse, but her accusation touched a nerve.

Following is a segment of her article:

Intolerance in Alaska prompts a gay couple's departure


March 4, 2007)

Alaska's many bigots will be thrilled to learn they've helped chase a gay couple out of the country.

They'll hear that the Anchorage men whose love story inspired a constitutional amendment legalizing discrimination in Alaska have moved to England, and they'll shout good riddance.

They'll congratulate themselves for the role they played in making Jay Brause and Gene Dugan look beyond America in their pursuit of the personal freedoms held so dearly by Americans.

If the bigots are lucky, the god to whom they pray will forgive them someday.

The article went on and on about these poor gay men who want to be legally recognized the same as married people.

I must respond. This is the type of far left thinking that is constantly bombarding our lives at every level.

First, the God I pray to does not approve of a gay lifestyle.

Second, I’m not congratulating myself on their departure, but I certainly am not sorry to see them go.

Third, I do not approve of the homosexual lifestyle. I believe it is a moral question. I also do not approve of polygamy, nor do I want the state to offer benefits to polygamists. It’s not like I’m saying I don’t approve of the color of your skin!

Miss Bragg continues in her article to say the fear that gay benefits would “rock the earth off it’s axis” and that marriage should be kept sacred for people like Britney Spears.

She is a colorful writer, but those statements are ludicrous. The will of Alaskans is that marriage should be strictly between one man and one woman. Furthermore, outside of that traditional union, benefits shall not be offered. Pointing to cases where traditional marriage has failed is also a poor argument.

Miss Bragg, I want to be clear, homosexuality is an immoral lifestyle that I do not support. Traditional Americans do not support it either. By your writing, all traditional Americans are bigots. You even mentioned that it was only two years ago that England changed their laws to recognize gay unions. So I assume, by your reasoning, that until two years ago, the citizens of England were also bigots!

You are free to rationalize immoral behavior all you like, but tossing verbal grenades at traditionalists is not good policy.

You may be costing hard working Americans their livelihood, as I and others will be canceling our newspaper subscription.

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