Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Supreme Court - Morse vs. Fredericks

In some ways it’s almost an honor that the Supreme Court is hearing a case brought forth by Alaska. But the reality is that an idiot from Juneau got himself in some hot water and has forced the issue all the way to the top. More on the circumstances later. One thing that I find fascinating is the reason this case made it this far. And that is because of the far left, California biased, no clue to reality, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The 9nth (as I’ll refer to them) consistently strikes down lower court rulings, only to be face-slapped by the Supreme Court later on. The last eight cases that made it to the Supreme from the 9nth were reversed. The 9nth is also two years behind in their own court cases. The jurisdiction of the 9nth needs to be split up and a new Appeals Court assembled to handle the case load. Let the 9nth continue to hear California cases (California deserves them), but split off Alaska, Wash., Ore, Idaho, and Montana for a new Court.

Bills have been introduced before and are currently pending from Ted Stevens and others. But the California delegation refuses to sign on for fear of losing their strangle hold on the Court of Appeals. What better way for the ACLU and Californians to force their own agenda on the west than by controlling the 9nth? Let’s face it, Nancy Pelosi won’t give it up. And as long as the Dems control Congress we are stuck with the 9nth.

Back to the case. This kid Fredericks, then 18 years old thought he’d be funny and hang up a banner that read “bong hits for Jesus”. The venue was across the street from his high school and during a parade through town of the Olympic Torch. With news cameras present and members of the community lining the streets to watch the parade, this little punk unveils his banner looking for the desired effect, shock.

I’ve known idiots like him before. They are looking for attention and in doing so they also want to shock people into a knee jerk reaction. They think it’s cool when they get a reaction, any reaction. I don’t know if they were never breast fed, or maybe could never bond with their daddy, or perhaps they are just high and stupid. Whatever the excuse, the part that bothers me most is next.

So naturally, he gets in trouble, and he is disciplined by the Principle. Some kind of suspension, I’m not sure how long. But once he and his dad talk to attorneys, suddenly it’s a free speech issue. He now says that it was an “experiment in exercising his free speech”. He says he was “testing the boundaries of his free expression.”

Horse manure!

That punk clearly came up with that story after he got in trouble and needed a lawyer. It was never about free speech, it was about a stoner who thought he’d be funny.

The disciplinary action taken by the Principal was backed by the Superintendent, the School Board, the City Counsel, the Attorney General, and the District Court. Then it was reversed by the 9nth, and let’s hope the Supreme Court restores common sense by reversing the 9nth’s ruling.

We should have a ruling in a couple weeks I assume. I’ll be watching for it. Meanwhile, the kid and his dad ran off to China to live and work. I’d like to see an “experiment in exercising free speech” done there! But you know he doesn’t have the kahonas.

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