Sunday, April 22, 2007

Early Campout

It's finally staying above freezing at night, and almost 50 degrees during the day, so I went camping with some friends. We went to Hidden Lake Campground and we were early enough that we didn't need to pay.
The snow is melting fast but the lake is still frozen. None of us have our fish licenses yet, so we didn't try ice fishing.
I slept in my tent, but my friends slept under the stars. None of us got cold but I can tell you it's been a few years since I slept on the ground. My back is achin'.
We drove around some of the roads and took a couple walks, mostly just checking out how much snow is left (not that much) and getting the lay of the land.
My friends have camped and fished aroung here often, but I'm still a rookie.
But we had fun solving the world's problems while sitting around the campfire knocking back some Jack Daniels shots.
I did my best Bear Griles immitation by eating raw meat from some small game we snared.
OK, it wasn't raw (we cooked it over the campfire), and it wasn't small game (some steaks we bought at Safeway), but my immitation was right on!
We had a good time and the weather actually cooperated.

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