Saturday, April 14, 2007

Motorcycle Season at Last

When I stepped out for the paper this morning the streets were dry, the temp was about 38 degrees and the clouds were threatening. I thought to myself that this is the day to break out the V-Star for a ’07 maiden run. I needed to hurry through my chores and fire the old bike up before those clouds decided otherwise.

I breezed through the headlines while sipping my morning coffee. That’s enough; I can read the articles later.

Out to the garage where my daughters Toyota was waiting for me to change off the studded tires for the summer ones. I jacked up the front end and used my impact wrench to speed things up. Sorry to my neighbors, as I know the compressor noise isn’t exactly welcoming at 8:30 am on a Saturday morning. With that chore finished, she was off to work. Good, I got the whole garage to myself.

After taking the dust cover off, I wheeled it over to the garage door and aimed the pipes outward. I raised the garage door, and with a ¾ choke the V-Star fired right up. Nice. You gotta love the sound of a v-twin warming up. While she was idling, I threw the tire gauge on the front and back tires. Both were low, so I aired them up some with the compressor. A second check measured them to be just right. The oil was good (checked it before I warmed it up) and the brake reservoirs were full. I checked the brake and clutch linkages and adjusted the mirrors. The V-Star was begging me for a run.

I put my helmet on and a pair of pliers in my pocket (in case I needed to adjust the clutch before I got back) then pulled on my riding gloves. Here we go.

I eased it out the garage and onto the street. Boy she was running sweet. Once I reached the main roads I opened her up a bit. Yes, pulling strong and running smooth. No clutch adjustments were necessary. I only ran it on about an eight mile loop back to the garage. A test run so to speak, just checking all the bells and whistles. Everything was perfect, just as I had left it last October.

What a great feeling to finally have it back on the road. And my timing was great, as soon as I pulled her back into the garage it started raining outside. Well, that’s enough for today. She’s back on the road and all systems are go. Now I just need Mother Nature to cooperate a bit and give me some sunshine.

Whoo hoo! Its motorcycle season again in Alaska!


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