Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Seattle Gays Aren't So Proud

Supporters of Seattle’s Out and Proud Parade got caught with their pants down (so to speak) when they received a bill from the city for $102,000 for last year’s parade. The annual parade celebrating the gay lifestyle has been held every June since 1975 and features events like ‘dykes on bikes’. This year’s parade is in danger of being cancelled do mainly to debt.

Organizers claim last year’s parade was attended by over 200,000 people. That’s what I find amusing about the whole story. If over 200,000 fags attend this years parade and each contribute one dollar they would make enough money to pay the past due and this year’s bill. Wouldn’t it be worth one U.S. dollar for the right to parade down city streets, half dressed, and groping your same sex friends? You would think so. But hey, why pay a cent when you can force the city to contribute to “save” the event which ultimately computes to tax payers shouldering the bill. Remember, if we don’t bail them out we will be called bigots and be accused of being homophobic.

Personally, I’d pay a lot more than one U.S. dollar to ban the fags from parading, but I’m ‘old school’.

So to break it all down, fags in Seattle are not proud enough of their gayness to support their own frickin’ parade. Why does that NOT surprise me?

Taxpayers of Seattle stand strong, and DON’T bail out the fag parade. If they are so proud as to ‘come out’, make them pay for their own parade. Tax dollars should not be spent on twisted behavior.


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