Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vacation Week

I took this week off. No special reason, just had a lot going on. I got my trucked serviced, picked up two different daughters from the airport, and have another home game for the Alaska Wild. Sandwiched in there somewhere was my birthday. I was gonna go camping with my son, but he ended up getting a summer job and started this week. Oh well, it rained over a half an inch the day we were gonna go. My daughters baked a cake, but I told them "no candles", I didn't want a campfire. So the week is almost over and all I've got to show for it is some of my chores are done. My yard is looking pretty good. My kids have been getting shuffled around to various jobs, and my truck is serviced. It finally warmed up (and dried up) to seventy degrees yesterday. So since noone else was around, I took off on a nice motorcycle ride. Only about seventy miles, but without any painkillers it was enough. Motorcycling is still my favorite hobby, even though I don't seem to get to go that often. Something always seems to come up. Yeah, another year come and gone. Maybe next summer I'll ride my bike down the Alcan. That is if something else doesn't come up. Later

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