Monday, July 02, 2007

Alaska Needs Death Penalty

I’ve often wondered why such a conservative state as Alaska does not institute the death penalty. I have concluded that perhaps it is too expensive (in its current form) for a state of less than 700,000 people. Maybe it is with all the appeals and years of imprisonment, not to mention ensuring the act itself is humane.

Where others seem to stumble is on the deterrent factor. I say who cares about the deterrent factor? It is called the “death penalty”, not the “crime deterrent”. Besides, there are now studies out that show it does have a deterrent factor. And with each execution, an estimated 18 lives are saved. How’s that for cost verses benefit?

Others argue that too many innocent people are executed each year. I don’t believe that to be true. With modern science and the abundance of lawyers, I can’t believe a truly innocent man can’t prove his case. Besides, he is innocent until proven guilty by the state.

I truly think that Alaska needs the death penalty voted into law before a terroristic attack happens here like in Scotland. Then, if it were to happen here, we could at least execute the criminals and set an example to others who are entertaining such acts.

What deterrent does the death penalty have to suicide bombers who are paying the ultimate price? Maybe none. But remember it is called the death penalty, not deterrent. Besides, when they make a mistake and the bomb does not go off, they sure run to save their hide.

Once capital punishment is instituted, there should be no age limit. Anyone who maliciously takes another life should face the ultimate sentence, regardless if they are 41 or 14. Then some of these idiot gang members may actually think twice before shooting a person wearing a red shirt.

To be clear, if one of my family ever fell victim to one of these punks, I would make sure they suffered the “death penalty” regardless if it was recognized by Alaska.

It is definitely time for Alaska to institute capital punishment, and I implore our legislators to implement this sentence as another tool for our DA’s.

We could probably contract out to another state for the actual deed like we do for prison sentences. It is just a matter of time before our ports, airports, or gas line becomes the target of extremists. Let’s put the penalty in place now.


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