Friday, July 06, 2007

Clinton Out of Control

The Senator from New York is at it again. Spewing out remarks that make her look like an idiot. The recent criticisms of the President are laughable coming from the wife of a former President who pardoned over a hundred crooks on his last day of office. Scooter Libby was found guilty of perjury and obstruction, and while the President forgave his prison sentence, he did not actually pardon the convictions. Meanwhile, former President Clinton "fully pardoned" crooks, thieves and drug dealers. You can check out the list for yourself. In fact, they don't even list the offenses for Marc Rich.

Mrs. Clinton is so shallow, I can only laugh when I hear her speak. She changes from southern belle to corporate lawyer to modern woman, depending on who she is speaking to. Normally that would be a positive talent for a politician. But she just can't pull it off. Certainly not like her husband could. Bill Clinton was a very accomplished public speaker who could always connect with the listener no matter who it was. Hillary, on the other hand, seems more patronizing than sincere, and she can't seem to fix it.

All that aside, some comments are just plain stupid. And to criticize Pres. Bush in that way after her husband's incredibly long list of pardons is just plain ridiculous.

Senator Clinton is the poster child of my belief that women should stay out of politics.


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