Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is Young Innocent?

When does an innocent man spend a quarter million dollars on lawyer's fees?
That is the amount being reported that Congressman Don Young has spent over the past couple of months.
The Wall Street Journal reported that the Conressman is indeed involved in an FBI investigation. The report says the investigation has to do with campaign contributions by VECO and its executives who have already admitted to bribing State level politicians in our State of Alaska.
Personally, I can't say if he is guilty of any wrong doing. But, again I ask why anyone would spend that kind of mula if they had nothing to hide?
I also can't understand why a politician would even participate in questionable practices given the likelihood of their being caught. The FBI is busting people left and right. Are these so called leaders so cocky that they believe they are beyond approach? Do they feel they are so smart that they would never be caught?
The Republican Party in general and the Alaska "big three" specifically have got me seriously re-thinking my allegiance to the Party. It is awful hard to remain a Republican in recent years.
I'm seriously considering changing affiliations to be 'Non-Declared'. I need to research it further, but I'm sick of these "good old boy" assholes pretending to be moral and trusting conservatives.
The one shining light (so far) appears to be our new Governor, Sarah Palin. She continuiously shows the public that she is not part of the "good old boy" network. She pretty much thumbed her nose at them during her campaign for office, and hung her hat on returning morals to the office, and state politics in general.
And, of course, the voters overwhelmingly supported her. To this day she has the most favorable rating among voters of all fifty states.
Back to Young.
Mr. Young, why don't you make it easy on everyone and just retire? Retire today and let our fair Governor announce your replacement. Save yourself the embarrassment of the investigation as well as some money and just walk away.
And good riddance!

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