Sunday, September 16, 2007

Youth of Today

I can't understand today's young folks. They are so disrespectful of themselves and others it makes me sick. In my day we were rebellious, we pushed the envelope, we took chances, but we still respected certan things.
Older folks got our respect. If they asked us to keep the noise down, it was "yes sir, we apologise". Today it's "F-U man, we aren't that loud".
We never called the ladies "bitches, ho's, and sluts", unless the chick was really sleeping around. Today, not only the boys call 'em that, the girls call each other that. I can't believe it. Even my own daughter talks like that (not around me). I feel like I must apologise for her mouth. She didn't learn that talk from me (and she's never been in the Navy).
Another thing we did was struggle through several style changes when it came to clothing. I remember the big wide legged jeans, and the acid wash jeans, and the tube tops. Boy did I like those tube tops. And if we needed to dress up for anything, it was leisure suits. That's right, with long polyester collar'd shirts.
Today, everyone wants to wear their pants below the crack of their ass. Like it's somehow "sexy" to expose your underwear clad ass in public. Then the bruthas (or whites who want to be bruthas) take it a step further. They think it's cool to dress like "gangtsa rappers". You know, yankees hat on sideways with an iron flat bill. Some kind of pro sport top like a "Bulls" jersey that hangs down almost to the knees. Then the shorts worn below the ass, with the hem almost reaching the ankle. Finally the gold. Gold chains, gold earring, gold tooth, whatever.
I'm sorry to point out to these guys, that it looks so freakin' stupid, I have to catch myself from laughing out loud when I see them.
Hopefully, like "sticky fingers", it's a fad that will fade away.
Finally, today's youth are just plain "lazy". Why study when I can cheat? Why work when I can steal? Why plan for the future, I live for the moment?
The work ethic I see in my business is dismal at best. I guess technology has someting to do with it. But I think bad parenting bears the brunt of it.
I guess my generation should accept much of the blame. We coddled these kids and now they don't have a work ethic. Hell, they don't have a "life" ethic.
The jury is still out on me. So far my kids have done pretty good. But the clock is still ticking. And how will they raise their kids when I'm gone? That remains to be seen.
That enough complaining for one day. It just makes me sick when I run across young kids throwing their lives away. I guess the government can always bail them out!

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Camron said...

Glad to see I'm not alone. I have absolutely no patience for disrespect from anyone, but especially not from my kids. I feel that their behavior is reflective of me as their father, and I hold them accountable accordingly. The rule around my house is simple, I bought them belts, if they fail to use them and I see their drawers sticking out of their jeans, I'll pull them up & Staple them in place with my staple gun. Needless to say, you don't see a lot of underwear in my house.
Thanks for sharing!