Saturday, May 10, 2008

Getting More Miles

I took a five hour ride today, taking advantage of one of our nicest spring days of the year. The total time was five hours, but I was probably in the saddle about four or so. I traveled from home to the city of Talkeetna and back, approx. 235 miles. The weather was sunny and the temp flirted with 60 degrees.
I certainly wasn't the only person riding his motorcycle today. The highway was thick with riders. I saw everything from sport to cruisers, and hogs to deluxe touring bikes, and just about everything in between (ie. sidecars). I wouldn't be exaggerating to guess I probably saw 200 other motorcycles today.
My V-Star 1100 Custom was running great today. I got 40 mpg and passed other vehicles with ease. Plus, the road has many cracks in its surface from a long winter which have not yet been patched. Smaller, skinnier tires might have caught in those cracks or been knocked around, but the Star is heavy enough and sturdy enough to hardly notice the surface cracks.
I must admit that I stopped in the Wasilla Yamaha shop to gaze at the new 2008 FJR 1300 they had on the sales floor. I've been itching to try this bad boy. I'm told it would be much more comfortable for long distance touring than my V-Star. I tend to believe it given the sad state my ass is in after 4 or 5 hours in the Star's saddle, but that forward leaning position make me wonder if the arms would tire from leaning on them constantly. I don't want to get rid of the Star, but I'd sure like the FJR. I've been stewing over that for weeks now. Eventually, I want to run the Alcan down to the U.S., and the sport touring FJR seems like the right bike for that. It has a six gallon tank and 145 horsepower. But what about image? I look good on my Star, and most people can't tell if its a Harley or not when I cruise by. One day I'd love a Harley, but they are so freakin' expensive! And I like the laid back riding position if only for a couple hours at a time, especially when I'm running helmet less. I guess I'll sleep on it some more.
Well, thats about six hundred miles so far this season, building up to my Fairbanks trip which will be about 800 miles round trip. Still no pictures, sorry, maybe next time.

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