Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend - No Ride

Memorial weekend just ended and I'm back to work. I opted to go camping with the neighbors rather than go riding. It was probably a wise choice as Saturday it rained all day.
At camp we had a fire going all day, and we all wore rain jackets and hats the whole day. We also did a little exploring on the muddy roads and trails.
Sunday the rain stopped but it was overcast most of the day.
We wet a line or two in a couple lakes, but got no bites. I think we were just a little early. We cut more firewood and explored some more, but the lack of fish convinced me to knock off early. I said so long to my buddies and headed home Sunday night.
Monday the sun broke out and it got really nice, although the temp never rose above 55 degrees. I was hoping to get a ride in, but got carried away with my domestic chores of laundry and house cleaning. My daughter had taken some king salmon out of the freezer and we decided to bbq it. One thing led to another and the day was shot. I never did go for a ride.
That's ok, I needed a day of relaxation anyway. I know it isn't much of an excuse, but that's how it ended.
Today, on my lunch I tanned for the first time in my life. Only five minutes (I'm really white) to start with until I start to tint a little. I'm not sure about the goggles, it seems like my right eye lid is feeling a little burnt. I'll have to ask them when I return on Thursday.
I need to acquire a little color before I attend a wedding in two months in Hawaii.
Today is looking nice, we'll see how it comes out.

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