Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Exploding Gas Prices

Gas is up to $4.19 around here, but people just keep buying it. Can you blame them? We are a nation brought up on fuel consumption. Now the top politicians of our nation want us to conserve. They say we have to radically change our consumption habits to alter the exploding price of gas.
My question is why? If we all conserve to the point they want us to, then what good is our free time. When we are not working we enjoy driving, boating, rv'ing, all terrain riding, and yes... motorcycle riding (my favorite). And if you say no, I like to golf, play tennis, horseback ride, snow ski, etc..., it still takes gasoline!
So why don't we all just work 16 ours a day and weekends and say to hell with our hobbies. The politicians tell us we need to give up our pastimes and conserve gas. Only use petrol for the basics of life like heating, cooling, lighting, and mandatory transportation. Frivolous enjoyment must end to get supply and demand in check.
Tell your Senators to get off their asses and fix the dang problem! It doesn't effect them, they are untouchable. In fact, many are probably making their friends rich. They could easily fix the problem if they really wanted to, they just don't!
Short term? Release some of the reserve, strengthen the dollar, and restrict the commodity trading.
Long term? Build some more refineries, drill in more places, regulate gas like other utilities.
Come on folks, I like to ride. Sure, I get 40 plus mpg's, but I just flat like to ride. It's one of the reasons I work, and something I enjoy in my free time. Don't let the government spook you into quitting the very things you work to enjoy.
This is America! The government needs to stop filling special interest pockets (and their own) and start serving Americans like they are supposed to!
Email your Senators and Representatives and put the burden back on them.

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