Friday, June 13, 2008

FJR Comfort?

I love my V-Star 1100 Custom. It is a strong and steady ride for a bigger guy like me. It is a good looking bike with its silver flames engulfing the gas tank, and the black leather saddlebags offsetting some of the chrome. I truly enjoy riding that baby, but after a couple of hours, my back and butt are really feeling it.
Its a great cruiser but long distance? Not so great.
That has led me to start looking at the Yamaha FJR sport touring bike. This is supposed to be a comfortable long distance bike, in fact many Iron Butt participants ride this bike.
It obviously has the power, 145 hp and close to 90 lbs of torque, thus fulfilling the 'sport' part of sport touring. I still wonder about the comfort?
Everything I've read on it seems to indicate a much more comfortable seating position for the 'touring' part of sport touring.
I just worry that I'm gonna spend 13k to find out I don't like that position for long rides. Trust me, the Star makes my butt and lower back suffer after a 100 miles or so, but what about the FJR? Supposedly the back is in a better position for distance, but what about the knees? I can't go too awful far without straightening my legs occasionally.
I'd really like to do some touring (like he Alcan Highway), but I'd sure like some measure of comfort without driving a thousand pound Gold Wing.
I may bite the bullet and give it a shot. I just hope I'm not writing here later about what a mistake I made.
I've also been looking at the yzf r6s sport bike. A light bike with a bunch of power, I could make it into a touring bike. It probably gets better mileage to boot. The price on that baby is about 5k less than the FJR, and it seems like the seating position is similar. Although, the windshield is virtually non-existent.
Decisions, decisions? Maybe I'll wait til next year.

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