Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grading the Debate? more Like Degrading

  I'm still heading out today, but I was checking my email and reading the newspaper.
I did watch the first Presidential debate last night, and was interested to read how the press would report it. As usual the media was predictable.
 Most gave Obama the better grade, an A- compared to a charitable B- for Big John.
They could save all the BS and just state it like they graded it..."who would we rather sit down with and chat?"
 Barack is a more polished speaker. Barack looks more comfortable and engaging. Barack is young and pretty. Barack uses a lot of dreamy, feel good generalities.
 Yes, Barack Obama is obviously the darling of the media.
I suggest for the same reasons, he is the one other nations would rather sit down with and chat. That reason alone is enough for me to vote for Big John. I'm sure our enemies are all rooting for Barack to be the next President.
 I'm very full of the media hogwash when it comes to reporting. These entities are supposed to be nuetral, but never seem to be.
 To me the grading turned out to be degrading!
 Ok, time to go riding!

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