Friday, September 05, 2008


On Saturday (Aug. 30) we had sunshine and warm tempuratures. I had to go for a ride. So I headed south at around 11:00 am.
I stopped for fuel at the Girdwood turn off, about 37 miles from my house. So far the highway was quite busy with tourists and Labor Day travelers.
I continued south with every intention of riding to Seward. I have a buddy out there I was gonna try to look up. So, I'm blasting down the road at 70 mph to keep up in the flow of traffic when out of the blue there popped a sign I have passed a hundred times or more. It said Hope Turn off 5 miles ahead.
All these times I've ridden or driven in this direction, I had never taken that turn and checked out Hope, Alaska.
I scrapped my Seward plans and made the turn to Hope. Once off the highway, I was greeted with a very relaxed and smooth 16 miles of gentle curves and hills. What a pleasure to get out of the heavy traffic and just cruise at a relaxed rate down this tree lined road. You can basically just hold it at 50 mph and easily absorb the gentle s curves all the way to town.
Hope is right at 87 miles from my midtown Anchorage home, making the round trip about 175 total miles. A perfect afternoon cruising distance for me. Although, a stop for petro is required, and Hope does not have a gas station. I need to stop at the Girdwood turn off either coming or going.
That's it for now. I'll write more about Hope later.
See ya

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