Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Officially Fall

Yesterday was the first day of fall according to the calendar, but the sunshine said otherwise. After work I donned a thick sweatshirt, my riding boots, my winter gloves and my First Gear touring jacket for an early evening ride.
Riding south towards the outskirts of town I saw a bank's sign saying the temp was 48, but I think it was a bit cooler. The sky was pretty clear and there was talk that it would be the first night to drop below freezing.
Car traffic was pretty thick leaving town, and I couldn't get a break on traveling speed. We were all stuck on 50mph for about 6 miles.
Finally, a couple of slow movers pulled over and I got some running room.
This stretch of highway is currently under construction. The pavement on my side was fresh, smooth and not yet painted. It was easy to run the speed up past legal if I didn't watch it.
By the time I got to a Chugiak State Park parking area about 25 miles from town, I was getting cold. I should have 'leathered up' for the brisk night air.
I parked and dug around my saddle bags and found my rain pants. At least they would add an extra layer, so I put them on. All the rest of the way home I felt a good ten degrees warmer. Before I left I watched the inlet tide coming back in for about fifteen minutes and warmed up a bit.
The ride back was on old and broken pavement, but there was very little traffic in this direction. It was very pleasant.
So I only ended up with about 55 miles, but hey, that 55 might be my last ride for the year. Today it's back to rain. This late in the year I'll take almost any dry ride of ten miles or more.
Well, that's about it. I know... pretty boring stuff, but I like it.
The bike is running good from it's recent tune-up, and I'm really happy with the recent mods I made. I'm debating between a Road King and a FJR 1300 for next summer's run down the Alcan, but whatever I do I'll still keep my Star. Too much sentimental value I guess.
OK. Later.

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