Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Really Nice Road

I really enjoyed that little 16 mile stretch down the road to Hope, Alaska. I wondered to myself why I hadn't taken that road before?
After 90 minutes of blasting down the highway at 70mph, I could back it off a touch and cruise through the lazy meandering curves at about 50mph.
I've wanted to return, but between the rainy weather and my own shortcomings, I have not yet been able to. If I get a window of opportunity before the winter sets in, I'm definitely heading there again and also taking some pics.
Meanwhile, I received a couple of boxes in the mail. One is a remote oil filter and the other is a kit to move my two foot pegs forward a couple inches. Two small and inexpensive improvements for my V-Star 1100 Custom. Since I can't really afford a Harley (like the picture), I've decided to try and improve my Star's comfort.
Ultimately, I'd like to run a motorcycle from Alaska to Portland via the Alcan Highway. I doubt if it will be the Star, but it too could be a bit more comfy on the way to say...Talkeena.
So, one of these nights I'm gonna start on project "Star comfort" and I'll keep you informed of how it goes.

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