Friday, September 12, 2008

show1, Star Modifications: Remote Oil Filter

I had received a couple kits from Pacific Coast Star back in May, but hadn't got around to installing them until recently.
The first kit is a remote oil filter set up that enables easier oil and filter changes for V-Star owners. Stock 1100's (and others) force you to remove the exhaust pipe to access the oil filter. The kit I'm installing puts a nice chrome filter right out in front of the engine for easy access.
Another side benefit is the additional cooling from being out in clean air. I don't really think that is much of a benefit in Alaska. This summer for example, we only had two days that the official temperature reading was 70 or above.
I put the Star up on my J&S mc jack to get the party started. If you don't have one of theses babies you should consider it. This jack will raise any make mc straight up off the kickstand and into the air without any risk of dropping it. You don't need tie downs. If you are gonna be reefing on the bike, there are tie down points for additional peace of mind. For this project, I didn't need them.
First, the exhaust has to come off. Remember, I have no experience wrenching on bikes, although I have wrenched on many cars and trucks. If I can do this, any average joe can too.
So, I spent alot of time finding the assorted nuts and bolts that hold everything together. I just methodically move along, not trying to rush anything.
With the exhaust off, next I disconnect the rear brake light wire, then pull out the cotter pin holding the plunger to the pedal.
O.K., unbolt the peg assembly from the frame, and now you ave access to the panel that covers the stock oil filter.
Unbolt the panel and remove the filter. The kit instructions tell you which bolts to reuse and which o rings to salvage and use. Be sure to follow the instructions.
The toughest part of the kit for me was assembling the actual kit components prior to installing them.
Again, just follow the instructions on how to position the remote filter, and there are tips on how to make the tightening easier (tight quarters under there).
Take your time on the assembly so as not to kink the hoses or cross thread the fittings.
And finally, mine looked like the picture.
Now, I'm stopping here, because, while I have the foot peg off, I'm gonna go ahead and install one side of my second kit. It is a kit that extends the stock pegs two and a half inches forward for a more relaxed ride. I'll continue this little project later. See Ya

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