Wednesday, September 17, 2008

show2, Star Modifications:Peg Extenders

Hi guys,
I just talked about the remote oil filter kit I installed on my Star. Now I'll explain the peg extender kit. This kit is supposed to move the pegs about 2 1/2 inches forward on each side for a more relaxed riding position.
I stand a meager 6 feet tall, almost exactly, but I do find my knees cramping up on long rides (two hours plus). I'm really hoping this kit will alleviate this and extend how long I can comfortably ride before I get too stiff and have to stop.
Once I had the remote oil filter installed, and the exhaust bolted back on, I started on the starboard side peg.
With a pair of needle nose pliers I finally got the cotter pin out of the rear brake connection. Next I bolted on the extender rod, to which I added the actual factory peg assembly.
OK, so far so good.
Now the part that was a little confusing. The adjuster bolt that is add to the stock one can be a little confusing, especially since the instruction diagrams are pretty rudimentary.
With a little trial and error I was able to adjust the nuts to the proper fit.
Now I hook the brake light back up. Turning on the key it becomes obvious that this too needed adjustment. The brake light was permanently on. It has an adjuster on it which I cranked down all the way. But, the light was still on.
Out of room for any more adjustment, I used the needle noses again and actually bent the spring out enough that it no longer kept the light permanently on.
Moving to the port side (shifter side), I first removed the stock peg assembly. This side seemed like it would be even simpler, and it turns out that it was.
I bolted on the extender, then the stock peg assembly.
Next I unscrewed the shifter shaft and replaced it with the one from the kit. It is about twice as long as the stock shaft.
That's it, how simple. Now for a test ride.
It was cold, rainy and almost dark outside, but I needed to test out the mods. So a 5 minute ride around the block would suffice for now.
I warmed her up for a good two or three minutes, mounted her and revved her engine (almost sounds pornographic). I took off down the road and was immediately impressed with the additional leg room.
Then I came to a stop and noticed a slight problem...the rear brake pedal was now too far of a stretch for me to use comfortably.
Finally, back at the garage, I just her off and searched for any leaks. Apparently the oil filter relocate was successful. There were no leaks, and the filter was warm, indicating proper oil flow.
I'm gonna need to adjust that rear brake pedal, but not tonight. Maybe next blog.
Talk to you later.

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