Monday, October 06, 2008

Stored It

Well, I finally stored the ol' star this weekend. Since we had a two hour snow storm yesterday afternoon, and another one expected tonight, the chances are pretty slim that I'll ride again this season.
So I cleaned out the garage a bit and put the bike back in it's corner Now my daughter can park inside again.
Each spring when I get the bike out, she loses her parking privileges until fall when I store it again. So she is once again pretty happy.
The pic is from Thursday's drive to Glennallen. It was just a few miles past Eureka, on the Glenn Highway.
Now I'm reduced to my once a month ritual of pulling the bike out and running it for about 10 minutes before running the gas out of the tank. Its at least 6+ months until riding can resume.
I know there are a few hard core guys out there still riding, but that's a little too dangerous for me. I won't rule out a late October ride, but it doesn't look promising.

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