Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Gays, Go Back to the Closet!

Remember a time when any guy who liked to receive sex from another guy in his behind was frowned upon? Remember when they were embarrassed and kept it private? What happened to those days?
Remember when marriage was between a man and a woman? One of the benefits of marriage was procreation. Gay couples can't procreate. They are merely living a fetish.
Two men can be friends, brothers, com padres, or whatever, but not lovers! The fact that it happens so much and effects so many people does not make it moral or right.
That's like saying if enough people in the nation become or approve of pedophiles, then the culture will eventually approve of it.
Well, I'm 'old school' and I'll never approve of it.
I'm seriously considering a run in local politics on this platform. But, I probably won't , at least for a couple more years.
I got no problem with equal rights (individually), but I don't think a society should reward sick behavior in any way. What's wrong with 'don't ask, don't tell?
I just wish all the fags would go back in the closets!

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