Saturday, November 22, 2008

No Bikes?

I dropped in to my local Yamaha shop yesterday to have a look see if any '09's were on display yet. Especially to have a look at the new V-Max.
The only bikes on the floor were from last year. There was three dirt bikes and three stars, two of which were consignments.
No '09's, or V-Max's. So I asked the guy what the deal was.
He asked me if I had a V-Max coming?
No, I said, I am just anxious to see one. He said the V-Max's have been delayed a month or so. They probably wouldn't arrive until late December.
I told him I was more interested in the FJR's. He said they wouldn't arrive until January. He said a few '09's have been delivered, but they were still crated. He said with the Snow machines and ATV's they just don't have the floor space to display them until at least after Christmas.
Talk about a letdown. I have to wait at least 2 more months to see some new bikes.
Then he confirmed the date in March for the annual motorcycle show downtown.
I said so long and headed back out into the snow that was falling down on my truck. Yeah, I was disappointed, but I just have to stay patient.
Until next time,
see ya.

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