Sunday, December 21, 2008

Still Waiting

Just got the latest issue of Cycle World in my mailbox. On the cover it says 'New Bikes 2009'. Yes! I hope they review the FJR1300.
Sorry. No such luck. Is it because they aren't ready for the sport touring models yet, or is it because the '09 FJR is pretty much unchanged from last year?
I suspect it is relatively unchanged. It seems like Yamaha devoted most of their efforts to the new YZF-R1, as well as the new Star 950.
So I'm flipping through the pages looking for any sport /touring model and there is none. It looks like they focused on strictly sport bikes and new models OK, I can understand that. They have to relate to a pretty vast audience. But hey, I'm still waiting for a current review pitting the assorted sport/touring bikes against each other.
So I'm turning the pages and there's Honda, Suzuki, Victory, Aprilia, Ducati, BMW (wow! that new S1000RR is a beautiful bike), Buell, and even one I'm not familiar with called Roeher, and which Yamaha do they write about? A freakin' YZ450 dirt bike! Come on guys! give me a review on the FJR! Please!
Oh, they had a page on the Star 950 as well. But I already own an 1100 Custom, screw the 950.
Maybe I should just get the YZF-R1 and scare the hell out of myself. I don't know. I really want to run the Alcan this summer. And I want some level of comfort, short of a Goldwing or a BMW (both too pricy).
So, I'm still waiting.

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