Monday, January 26, 2009

'09 Bikes!

I heard from my anonymous source that the local Yamaha shop finally has some new bikes on display in their showroom. Apparently, snow machine sales have been off and they are looking to get some early interest in bikes. My source also says that the mechanics in the service shop aren't even getting 40 hours a week. They tell me that the Polaris machines have sold pretty well, but not the Yamahas. Further, my source believes its because of the wrong selection of sleds they currently have. The mix of sport vs. utility machines is out of wack.
Now, I don't pretend to know if this is correct. I can say that our Marina has sold out of snow machines, and we sell Polaris. Our market is different and its 380 miles away. Whatever problem they are having at Yamaha is just speculation from my source. However, the good news is 'the bikes are starting to come out'.
Tomorrow I'm gonna stop by there and see for myself, and I hope I haven't been misled. I'm really itchin' to see some new bikes!
So, I'll let you know if its true. And I'll let you know if they have an '09 FJR 1300 on the showroom floor.
Meanwhile, it is 18 degrees outside right now. Come on spring!

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