Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally Home

Wow, I was gone just over three weeks. Haven't been away from my home that long in several years. Two weeks has always been the max.
I got to spend the holidays with family, it was great.
While in the Northwest I was driving down the highway and saw a huge store with dozens of motorcycles lined up outside. I've mentioned before that in Alaska the only thing on the sales floor this time of year is snow machines. So I made a point to return to that shop a few days later.
A big ole Yamaha/Honda shop with a lot off models on display. Like a kid in a candy store I was browsing from bike to bike both admiring them and dreaming of a new bike.
Those big new Goldwings sure are plush, but for that kind of money, I think I'd buy a Road King.
A little further up the line was an '08 Yamaha FJR 1300. Wow, this is what I've had my sights on. Everything I read from current owners is pure satisfaction. Its supposed to offer both the performance and comfort to make long distance touring more fun. As I've mentioned before, I want to run the Alcan.
Even my daughter found a bike she liked. I brought her along to look with me and she fell for a small entry level Suzuki. I forget the model number.
After browsing through a huge selection of riding gear and clothing we finally decided to leave. I wanted to stop at the Harley shop just a block away. I did, but I'll write about it next time.
Sure is nice to finally sleep in my own bed. I missed a stretch of below zero weather in Anchorage as well. Ha,ha.

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