Friday, February 20, 2009

Jett Heated Vest

I received my Jett Heated Vest about a week or more ago. I have been remiss in writing about it in a timely fashion, sorry. So, I finally have a few minutes to offer my personal review.
First, I'll admit I first read about the vest on A very good site for enthusiasts, I highly recommend it. When I read about it I felt this may be the perfect product for riders in Alaska, where the riding season is short and often brisk.
I ordered my vest on the Internet directly from Australia where the company resides. I had to order the largest size (I guess those Aussies are little guys) and I'm glad I did. One size smaller would have been too tight. My vest ended up costing me $275 American, after the exchange rate plus shipping charges. I will say the turn around was only 8 days, very impressive from the bottom of the world.
The Jett Heated Vest came in a nice tidy package with full instructions. I put the vest on and did some chores around my garage for about two and a half hours. The heat was amazing. The highest setting was actually too warm. I switched off between the low and medium settings and was very comfortable. The beauty to this product, as I see it, is that you are unencumbered when wearing it. Get on and off the bike as needed with no wires. Even use the vest in other venues like fishing, watching outdoor sports, hiking, or whatever. I was impressed, and when I took it off it still had juice.
The next evening, a few neighbors and I gathered in my neighbors garage for a few adult beverages. I wore it then, and as the others were bundled up in winter coats, I was in my vest with a light sweatshirt over it. I was quite comfortable. Finally, the battery gave out about 3 hours later. So in total, I got about 51/2 or 6 hours out of the first charge. Mind you, it was the charge that already existed, I hadn't charged it yet. The company also sells additional batteries for it, so you can always have one being charged. I may have to get an extra for myself.
We still have plenty of snow and ice on our roads, and riding is about 6 to 8 weeks away. I sure am looking forward to our riding season, but especially now with my new Jett Heated Vest.
So the final verdict from this Old Bull on the Jett Heated Vest is a whole hearted thumbs up!
Tomorrow I am traveling north about 40 miles to look at a used '07 FJR 1300. I saw it advertised and called the guy. Maybe I'll be a new owner, who knows. Getting it home will be the real challenge. Later

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