Sunday, February 01, 2009

Trying to Keep Cool

I'm trying not to get upset. I finally stopped in the local shop on Saturday and was completely disappointed. They had about five bikes out on display, plus one custom that they've had all winter.
They also had about six or eight dirt bikes, or you would call on/off bikes.
I guess that is what the guy meant who told me they are starting to put some bikes out, because snow machine sales have been so poor.
One bike, however, made the stop worth my time. The '09 VMax was on display. It had signs on it not to sit on or touch this bike. All I could do was look, but wow! What a hot looking bike.
If you recall, they only pre-sold this model, and it is a limited production model. So, congrats to somebody named Buzz (owner's name was on the tag) for being the first owner of an all new and improved VMax. Probably the fastest production bike made in the world.
I was gonna try and find out when the annual motorcycle show is going to be this year, but I forgot. That's ok, it gives me yet another project for next time.

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