Monday, March 30, 2009

Can Am Spyder Article

Gosh I sure like the looks of these Spyders. I'd really like one, but I think I'll wait a year or so when they start popping up on the used market. It's an interesting read.
Motordydle USA wrote a review on them....
Will the 2007 Can-Am Spyder revolutionize the motorcycle industry  We ll just have to wait and see.
Can-Am is betting the three-wheeled Spyder will revolutionize the motorcycle industry. We took the radical new design out for a spin in sunny Southern California.
Everywhere you look these days, companies are inventing or reinventing vehicles that are said to revolutionize the transportation industry. Some succeed, others fail. The vehicle Can-Am believes is going to change the way the world views the open-road riding experience is the Spyder Roadster.... (more)

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